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  • Are there any any bonuses or promotions specifically for adding cash, and how can I avail of them? Down Arrow

    Yes, we do offer bonuses, Instant cash and promotions for adding cash. These offers vary and can include bonus, Instant cash, MM, or ticket to exclusive tournaments. To avail of these bonuses, follow the instructions provided in the promotional offer details.

  • I added cash but the amount was not credited to my RummyCircle account. Down Arrow

    Your deposits are usually credited to your RummyCircle account instantly. However, in some rare cases, there might be a delay of up to 24 hours due to your bank's processing time.

    If any amount has been debited but not credited to your RummyCircle account, it will be refunded to your original mode of payment. Please verify your bank account statement to confirm this.

    If you encounter any issues, please contact your bank for further assistance. You may visit the bank branch and fill out a chargeback form to initiate an investigation for the failed transaction. The timeframe for this investigation will follow the bank's standard procedures.

  • I added cash 7 working days ago and the amount was debited but not credited to my RummyCircle account. Down Arrow

    Any amount (if debited) should be refunded to your original mode of payment. Please check your bank a/c statement for confirmation.

    The procedure to claim the amount would be to visit your bank and fill out the chargeback form which would initiate an investigation into the failed transaction from your bank. The time frame would be as per the bank's procedure.

  • How to Add Cash? Down Arrow

    To add cash to your RummyCircle account, please follow the steps below:

    Tap on 'Add Cash' > Enter the amount > Select the mode of payment.

    (We accept payment through all major debit cards/ credit cards/ Gpay/ Phonepay/ UPI/ wallets /online banking portals)

    Note: The minimum amount that you can deposit is Rs. 25.



  • I have added cash and I am not able to withdraw it, why? Down Arrow

    The balance available for withdrawal differs from the deposited balance. You can only withdraw the amount that you have won from playing cash games, and not the initial deposited balance. 

  • I am unable to add cash using my Debit or credit card? Down Arrow

    If you are experiencing difficulties adding cash to your account, there can be several reasons for this issue. We suggest checking and verifying the following details:

    • Ensure that your date of birth indicates that you are 18 years old or above.
    • Make sure you are playing from a permitted state where online cash transactions are allowed.
    • Verify that your email address is properly verified.

    If you have confirmed that you meet all the above criteria and are still unable to add cash, we recommend trying alternative payment options. RummyCircle offers various methods to add cash, including Credit Cards, Debit Cards, eWallets, and Netbanking. The payment gateway is encrypted, ensuring that all transactions are secure and protected.

  • I raised a chargeback however I did not receive my amount back, what do I do now? Down Arrow

    The chargeback process timelines depend on the bank that you have raised a chargeback with. We request you to check with your respective bank on the progress of your chargeback.

  • I spoke to my bank and they asked me to contact the merchant, what do I do now? Down Arrow

    Your account will be credited back with the amount within a few days. However, if this doesn't occur, you have the option to initiate a 'chargeback' request with your bank.

    To raise the chargeback request, you must provide the transaction details and the reason for making the request.

    If you encounter any difficulties or do not receive assistance from your bank, please send us your bank statement in PDF format, including the transaction details from the date of the transaction until now.

  • What is the process for checking my deposited amount and account balance? Down Arrow

    Your deposit balance represents the money you've added to the platform, which can be utilized for playing cash games. To view your last 20 successful deposit transactions, click on 'My Transactions' accessible through the hamburger menu.

  • What is TO BE REFUNDED? Down Arrow

    Any successful amount that has exceeded the "add cash" limit would be reflected as "to be refunded" in your gaming account. However, please be assured this would be automatically refunded to your original mode of payment within 5 to 7 working days.

  • How to change your Add Cash Limit? Down Arrow

    You can set your own 'Daily' & 'Monthly' Add Cash Limit using the 'Self-Set Limit' feature. Just follow the below steps to manage your add cash limits as per your preference.

    'My Account' > 'Add Cash Limit' > 'Self-Set Limit' > Use the slider to adjust your Monthly/24 hrs limit.


    •  If you have hit your 24-Hour Add Cash limit and wish to increase it, you will have to wait for the next 24 hours to begin as no changes can be made until then.
    • Once you have changed your limit, you can change it again only after a cooling period of 72 hours.
    • A player who is under 21 years of age can have a maximum monthly add cash limit of Rs 10,000.
    • The maximum daily add cash limit that a player can have is Rs 40,000.

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