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  • Do Reward Points expire? Down Arrow

    Your Reward Points will never expire as long as you keep playing cash games on RummyCircle.

    However, if you do not play any cash games, your Reward Points will gradually begin to expire.

    In the first month of not playing any cash game on RummyCircle, 200 Reward Points would expire. Continued inactivity from cash games will see you lose an exponentially higher number of Reward Points each month.

  • What are Loyalty Points? Down Arrow

    Loyalty Points are the points that you earn in return for the entry fee that you pay for cash games on RummyCircle.

    For every Rs. 50 that you spend playing cash games, you earn 1 Loyalty Point.

    Loyalty Points are important because they determine your Club Status. Your entry into a particular club and subsequent retention/upgrade depends on the Loyalty Points you accumulate in the qualifying period.

    Refer to this table for the number of Loyalty Points required for qualification in each club.

  • How do I earn Loyalty Points? Down Arrow

    If you play Pool or Deals Rummy for cash, you earn 1 Loyalty Point for every Rs. 50 that you spend in entry fees. 

    If you play Points Rummy for cash, we estimate your effective entry fee in a deal to be the total cash won in the deal divided by the number of players who played the deal. 

    You are awarded 1 Loyalty Point for every Rs. 50 spent in effective entry fees.

  • What is the Qualifying Period? Down Arrow

    Qualifying period refers to the time duration for which your accumulated Loyalty Points will account for your club status.

    For Example: Diamond Club has a qualifying period of 1 month. This means that you can upgrade to Diamond Club by accumulating 1000 Loyalty Points in one month. Let's say you are a Silver Club player at the beginning of March 2023. You can upgrade to Diamond club by earning 1000 Loyalty Points in the month of March 2023 only.

  • Can I transfer my Loyalty Points to another player's account on RummyCircle? Down Arrow

    Loyalty Points are non-transferable.

  • How many Loyalty Points do I have? Down Arrow
    • Tap on the hamburger icon (☰), then go to My Account > Account overview > Loyalty points to check the current month's points.
    • On the website, click on 'My Account' in the header section of the RummyCircle website, and then navigate to the 'Loyalty Points' section in the left panel to see the number of Loyalty Points earned each month.
  • Do Loyalty Points expire? Down Arrow

    Yes, your Loyalty Points expire at the end of each month and the counter is reset to zero. However, this does not mean that you lose your club privileges at the end of each month. Each club has an associated validity period during which your club status cannot be downgraded.

    For Example- Gold Club has a validity of 1 calendar month (in addition to the upgrade month). Let's say you upgrade to the Gold Club on 15th December 2022. You can be assured that your club status cannot be downgraded below the Gold Club until 31st January 2023.

  • Can I buy Loyalty Points? Down Arrow

    Loyalty Points cannot be bought. They can only be earned by playing cash games on RummyCircle. For every Rs 50 spent on an entry fee, you earn 1 Loyalty Point. 

  • What are Reward Points? Down Arrow

    Reward Points are your new, redeemable currency earned every time you play a cash game. Earning Reward Points is simple - the entry fee paid in cash games translates into Loyalty Points and for every Loyalty Point, you earn 1 Reward Point automatically!

  • How many Reward Points do I have? Down Arrow

    You can view the redeemable Reward Points available to you in the 'Reward Points' section of the website's header section.

    For a more detailed statement of accumulation and consumption of your Reward Points,

    Go to 'My Account' > 'Reward Points' section.

  • How to redeem Reward Points? Down Arrow

    Click the 'Redeem' button near 'Reward Points' in the header section of the website. See screenshot below:


    On clicking it, you will be taken to RummyRewardzTM Store where you can choose your redemption option(s).

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