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  • What is the difference between Entry Fee Tournaments & Free Tournaments? Down Arrow

    Entry fee tournaments are the ones that require some amount to be paid in order to join a tournament.

    Whereas, the Free Entry Tournaments do not need any fee to be paid to join the tournament.

  • How many tournaments can I play on a daily or monthly basis? Down Arrow

    There are no limits to the number of tournaments you can play! Unlimited games, unlimited fun.

  • What are Multi-table Tournaments? (MTT) Down Arrow

    Multi Table Tournaments (MTT) have:

    • More Players: Play on 6 player tables.
    • More Deals: Play more Rummy per round.
    • Local Competition: Our unique tournament progression system.

    In the new Multi Table Tournaments, whether you move to the next round or not, depends on how well you do against the players on your table. If someone else on some other table does fantastically well, then it will not affect your chance of moving into the next round.

  • If I leave an Entry Fee tournament before it has started do I get a refund? Down Arrow

    Yes, you can unregister for the tournament before the game begins and also get a refund for the same.

    Note: You can't avail a refund for tournaments that have already begun.

  • Where can I find the details of all the Tournaments? Down Arrow

    Every detail about each tournament is listed on the Promotions page on our website. You can also click on "Go to Tournaments" on the application from the menu and view all the tournaments available in your lobby. 

    Note: Click on the name of the tournament and (i) icon to view the details like Tournament ID, Entry fee, start time, seat availability, Prizes, and game rounds.  

  • Why can't I see "View Rank" tab on Cash Game table? Down Arrow

    The 'View Rank' is only visible while playing tournaments on the tournament game table.

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