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Special Instant Withdrawals

  • Do Special Instant withdrawals have an expiration date? Down Arrow

    Yes, every Special Instant Withdrawal comes with an expiration date. To know the expiry date please refer to your withdrawal page and click on the (i) icon. You can also view any Special Instant Withdrawal expiring within the last 7 days shown in the same space at the end of the list. 

    Please note that the Special Instant Withdrawal which is about to expire will be used first.

  • Is there a limit on how much I can withdraw via Special Instant Withdrawal? Down Arrow

    The same maximum limit which is applicable on your regular withdrawals would apply on Special Instant Withdrawals too. 

  • I want to use my daily/Weekly/Monthly withdrawal first and save my Special Instant withdrawals? Down Arrow

    Special instant withdrawals will be used first once available (regardless of any other type of withdrawal available for you). Once special instant withdrawals are used, only then your regularly available withdrawals will be used. 

    Example: If you have:

    Special Instant Withdrawal: 1

    Daily Instant Withdrawal: 1

    then Special Instant Withdrawal will be used first

    Similarly, if you have:

    Special Instant Withdrawal: 1

    Daily Instant Withdrawal: 0

    then also Special Instant Withdrawal will be used first.

  • How can I earn special withdrawals? Down Arrow

    There would be multiple opportunities across cash games / challenges / tournaments etc where you can earn Special Instant Withdrawals. This would be clearly communicated on the application. Keep an eye out for  these offers! 

    Please note that you can check the special instant withdrawals earned at any time under the Special Withdrawals section on the withdrawal page.

  • What are special withdrawals? Down Arrow

    Special Instant Withdrawals are extra free instant withdrawals over & above your daily/weekly/monthly free instant withdrawals. You can view special instant withdrawals earned in a new section “Special Instant Withdrawals” introduced on the withdrawal page.

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