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  • What if the the bonus amount is not credited to my account? Down Arrow

    There could be some delay in the disbursement of the bonus, however, the bonus amount will surely be credited to your account.

    Note: The bonuses are disbursed in chunks, please check "Bonus details" in the "Hamburger menu" to know more. 

  • What is a Bonus? Down Arrow

    The bonus is additional promotional cash that you can earn while playing cash games on RummyCircle. To claim a bonus you need to make a successful deposit using the respective promo code, & then use it to play cash games.

    Note: The bonuses are disbursed in chunks, please check "Bonus details" in the "Hamburger menu" to know more.

  • Can I withdraw my Bonus earnings? Down Arrow

    Yes, you can withdraw your Bonus earnings to your bank account if you're KYC & PAN verified.

  • How can I avail a Bonus? Down Arrow

    To access a Bonus, simply apply the designated promo code from the promotions page when you make a successful deposit. Please refer to the bonus terms and conditions for precise details.

  • What happens if the Promo code is used but Bonus is not received? Down Arrow

    Go to 'My Account' section & click on the 'Bonus Details' section to check if you have received the Bonus. 

  • Can I use Bonus to play/join Tournaments? Down Arrow

    The availability of using a Bonus to play or join tournaments may depend on the specific terms and conditions of the Bonus.

    In many cases, Bonuses can be used for various purposes, including participating in tournaments. However, some Bonuses might be restricted to specific game types or cash games only.

    To know for sure whether you can use the Bonus to play or join tournaments, check the Bonus terms and conditions, as well as the tournament rules on RummyCircle. If there's any uncertainty, you can also reach out to the customer support of the platform for clarification.

  • Where can I find the Bonus amount I have earned? Down Arrow

    You can find the Bonus amount disbursed in the top status bar. You can also find the Bonus amount you have successfully earned in the 'My Account' section.

  • Where can I find the details of Bonus offers? Down Arrow

    You can find the relevant information on the Promotions page, under the Bonus section. 

    You can click here for more details. 

  • What are the different types of Bonuses? Down Arrow

    There are numerous bonuses that are offered on RummyCircle. You can find all of those on the Promotions tab. Find 'Bonuses' on the left navigation panel.

  • What is the validity of a Bonus?/ When does a Bonus expire? Down Arrow

    Generally, Bonuses come with an expiration date, which means they are only valid for a certain period after being credited to your account. If you don't use the Bonus within the specified validity period, it may expire, and you could lose the opportunity to utilize it.

    To know the exact validity period of a Bonus, you can refer to the Bonus terms and conditions. It's crucial to be aware of the validity to ensure you make the most of the Bonus before it expires.

  • What are Chunks & Multiples? Down Arrow

    Chunks and Multiples are terms used to describe how a bonus amount is gradually released or distributed to your gaming account based on your gameplay.

    Instead of receiving the entire bonus amount all at once, the bonus is disbursed in smaller segments, referred to as chunks.

    Each chunk is released when certain conditions are met, such as wagering a specific amount in cash games or achieving certain gameplay milestones. Multiples refer to the multiplier value associated with the bonus amount. When a bonus is given with multiples, it means that the bonus amount is determined based on the multiple of your deposit

    For instance, let's consider a scenario where you deposit ₹5000 into your account using a specific Promo Code, and you become eligible for a total bonus of ₹1000. Initially, you will receive ₹50 as the first chunk of the bonus after you have paid an aggregate entry fee of ₹500, which equals ten times the value of the first chunk (multiple).

    Upon paying for an additional ₹500, another ₹50 will be credited as a bonus to your withdrawable balance. This process continues until the maximum amount eligible for that particular bonus is added to your account.

  • Can I withdraw Promo Cash with Expiry? Down Arrow

    Promo Cash with Expiry cannot be withdrawn. You can only use it to play any game format on RummyCircle or enter any contest on My11Circle. Any amount won using Promo Cash with Expiry can be withdrawn.

  • I have multiple bonuses in my account but only one is active. Down Arrow

    Once the bonus has either reached its expiration date or has been completely released in chunks, the most recent bonuses available will be activated for your account. Bonuses are activated one at a time. 

  • I openend a new account, how can I transfer all my pending bonus? Down Arrow

    You are prohibited from creating or using multiple user IDs for registering on the Portal. The bonus is account specific and cannot be transferred.

  • Can you transfer First deposit deposit bonus to my new account? Down Arrow

    The first deposit bonus is account specific and cannot be transferred to another account.

  • My view offers does not have any bonus or instant cash offers, why is that? Down Arrow

    The 'View Offer' section is an exclusive section to keep a note of your offers which oscillates throughout your time with us.
    At times you would not find an offer as we are making way for present-day changes and the section would soon populate with the latest offers based on the launch.

  • What is Promo Cash with Expiry? Down Arrow

    Promo Cash with Expiry is a promotional cash offer that expires if it is not used before the given time and date of expiry.

  • How can I use Promo cash? Down Arrow

    You can use Promo Cash to play:

    Cash Games | Tournaments | Rummy Rumble | All Cash Game Formats | Contests

    If you have any Promo Cash in your account, it will be automatically be used first to play a Cash Game, Tournament, Rumble or Contest.

  • How can I avail Promo Cash with Expiry offers? Down Arrow

    Promo Cash is offered on the following: Deposit Offers | Challenges | Campaign Offers.

  • Where can I see the Promo Cash details? Down Arrow

    There are 2 ways to check your Promo Cash details:

    1. You can view all Promo Cash with Expiry details on the Promo Cash Summary page. 
    2. You can also view all details by following the steps below

    Open the RummyCircle App >> Hamburger Menu (☰) > Promo Cash Summary

  • I want to open another account, will I be getting new offers then? Down Arrow

    As per our Terms and Conditions, creating a new account using the same details after closing your previous account is not permitted. We strictly enforce a policy that prohibits players from having multiple accounts on RummyCircle.

  • Is there any restriction on using Promo Cash? Down Arrow

    Promo Cash can be used without any restrictions. You can use all the Promo Cash available in your account.

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