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  • What is the new GST Rule? Down Arrow

    As per the new GST rule passed by the Govt., 28% GST will apply on deposits on Online Gaming platforms from 1st Oct, 2023.

    Don’t worry✋You will get guaranteed Promo Cash on all deposits! Here’s how it will work - 

    Let’s say you add ₹ 1000 on RummyCircle. 

    Deposit Amount = ₹ 1000 ÷ 128% = ₹ 781.25

    GST Amount = 28% of Deposit Amount = ₹ 218.75 (28% of ₹ 781.25)

    RummyCircle will give you Promo Cash = (+ ₹ 218.75) 

    You can use the Promo Cash balance to enter Cash Games & Tournaments. 


  • Is GST applicable on every entry fee that I pay to enter a game table or is it applicable only at the time of depositing money to my account? Down Arrow

    No, GST is not applicable on the entry fee used to enter a cash game or tournament. It is only applicable on the money that you deposit.

  • Do I get a GST invoice? Down Arrow

    Yes, you will receive a GST invoice, and you can easily access it through your RummyCircle application.

    Here's how:

    Go to the 'Hamburger' option on your RummyCircle application.

    Select 'My Transactions' Choose 'Download Invoice'

    Select the date range for which you need the invoice.

    Click 'Submit'

    Upon requesting the GST invoice from the 'My Transactions' page, you will receive an SMS notification, and if your email is registered with us, you will also receive an email notification.

    These notifications will include instructions on how to download the GST invoice.

    Please note that the GST invoices are available for download for a period of 7 days at a time.

  • Will GST apply on my Withdrawal Balance? Down Arrow

    No, GST will apply to the amount that you deposit.

  • Will I get my GST amount back? Down Arrow

    No, the GST amount is collected from you on behalf of the government and cannot be refunded to you. 

  • I have a GST number, can I get a discount? Down Arrow

    As you are an individual and not a business entity, you cannot claim credit of GST paid.

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