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Major concerns

  • I added cash but the amount was not credited to my RummyCircle account. Down Arrow

    Your deposits are usually credited to your RummyCircle account instantly. However, in some rare cases, there might be a delay of up to 24 hours due to your bank's processing time.

    If any amount has been debited but not credited to your RummyCircle account, it will be refunded to your original mode of payment. Please verify your bank account statement to confirm this.

    If you encounter any issues, please contact your bank for further assistance. You may visit the bank branch and fill out a chargeback form to initiate an investigation for the failed transaction. The timeframe for this investigation will follow the bank's standard procedures.

  • I made a withdrawal request, however, the amount I received was lower than the amount I requested. - TDS Related Down Arrow

    Starting April 1st, 2023, the Indian Government has put new tax laws in place for online gaming apps. These platforms are now required to deduct tax at source (“TDS”) from a player's winnings when they withdraw their money or at the end of the financial year. The tax is 30% of the net winnings, which is the difference between all the money won and the entry fee paid by the player.

    To check your past withdrawal requests click here.

  • I made a withdrawal request but didn't receive the amount in my bank account Down Arrow

    Relax, we're here for you. There might be a delay & can take upto 72 working hrs for the amount to get credited to your verified bank account.

    To check your past withdrawal requests click here

  • Why is KYC rejected? Down Arrow

    Below listed is the list of the most common scenarios in which the documents get rejected. Please go through the list below to understand the reason and the appropriate action to resolve the issue of rejection.

    • Invalid/incomplete or not readable document: The documents you provided are either invalid or incomplete or unreadable. Please try uploading the correct or clear document.
    • Age Verification Error: As per the documents submitted, you are under 18 years of age and hence restricted from playing cash games on RummyCircle. You would not be able to re-upload the documents once rejected. 
    • Duplicate ID: The documents submitted by you are already linked with another user in our records. 
    • Blurred or Unclear: The document uploaded is blurred or unclear. Please try again with a clear document
    • Black & White or Xerox:  The document uploaded is black & white or a Xerox copy of the original. Please try again with the actual document.
    • Tampered Document: Face Missing: The document does not seem to have your image. Kindly upload a document with an image of you in it.
    • Tampered Document: The document seems to have been tampered with. Kindly update KYC with an original document.
    • Masked Aadhaar:  The Aadhar number seems to be hidden/masked. For KYC verification, we would need the complete Aadhar number to be visible & readable.
    • Front-Back Mismatch: Document Number missing/mismatch between the front and back image. 
    • Both Sides Needed: For KYC, we need both sides of the document to be uploaded.
  • I am not getting good cards Down Arrow

    RummyCircle makes sure that the shuffle of cards is completely random and there is no cheating. The cards are shuffled by a computer and it's impossible for the same combination of cards to be repeated.

    We also have some rules to ensure that everyone plays fair and there are no cheaters.

    The people who play on the website are real and they have been checked to make sure they are who they say they are. So you can be sure that you are playing against other real people and not a computer or a bot.

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