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  • My withdrawal was processed to the wrong bank account number? Can I cancel the withdrawal? Down Arrow

    If the withdrawal process has been completed, we can only cancel the withdrawal if it gets rejected by your bank. We may need to wait for up to 72 hours to receive the final update on the status. If the withdrawal is successful and acknowledged by the bank, any further action would need to be taken up directly with your bank.

    We strongly recommend updating your new bank account details as a priority to ensure that your future withdrawals are not affected. This step will help to facilitate smoother transactions going forward.

  • I made a withdrawal request, however, the amount I received was lower than the amount I requested. - TDS Related Down Arrow

    Starting April 1st, 2023, the Indian Government has put new tax laws in place for online gaming apps. These platforms are now required to deduct tax at source (“TDS”) from a player's winnings when they withdraw their money or at the end of the financial year. The tax is 30% of the net winnings, which is the difference between all the money won and the entry fee paid by the player.

    To check your past withdrawal requests click here.

  • I made a withdrawal request but didn't receive the amount in my bank account Down Arrow

    Relax, we're here for you. There might be a delay & can take upto 72 working hrs for the amount to get credited to your verified bank account.

    To check your past withdrawal requests click here

  • What are the Withdrawal T&C? Down Arrow
    • Mobile Number Verification is mandatory for availing of Instant Withdrawals. This can be done in the Profile section under 'My Account'.
    • Some withdrawal requests may be flagged for manual review. In these scenarios, you will receive the withdrawn amount credited within 3 working days if all checks are passed. During the review period, your withdrawal will show the status as 'Request Undergoing Checks'.
    • IMPS transfers are not accepted at some Cooperative Banks. In such cases, withdrawals will be processed within 3 Bank Working days.
    • IMPS transactions sometimes fail if the receiving bank is conducting maintenance or having downtime when the transaction is initiated. If this happens, the withdrawal may go through later or may get reversed.
      If your withdrawal shows the status as 'Request Placed with Bank' but you haven't received the credit, then this is the case. The final status of the transaction is only known after 72 hours. You don't need to worry - if the transaction is reversed, the funds will be credited back to your RummyCircle account. Downtime periods vary from bank to bank.
  • What are Deposit and Withdrawable Accounts and how is the balance in each account calculated? Down Arrow

    If you are a cash player on RummyCircle, your cash account balance is divided into three Accounts - Deposit Account, Withdrawable Accounts, and Promo cash wallet.

    A) Deposit Balance: The amount that you add to RummyCircle, is reflected here. 28% GST would be applicable on this balance.

    B) Withdrawable Balance: The amount that you win on RummyCircle (cash winnings), is added here. GST is not applicable to this amount.

    C) Promo Cash: The amount you get due to all cash offers is added here. It includes all the  Cashback, Instant Cash, Bonus & Reward Points converted to cash. 

  • Are there any restrictions on placing withdrawals? Down Arrow

    You can place unlimited withdrawals in a day. However, there are certain restrictions on the amount per transaction. Please log in and refer to the withdrawal page for more details.

    • Withdrawals will not be processed to bank accounts based in the states of Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland and Sikkim.
    • Withdrawals will only be processed if valid identity & address proofs in the name of the player who created the account have been submitted.
  • How do I provide the UPI ID details for withdrawal? Down Arrow
    • When you place a withdrawal request, you will see an option to provide your UPI ID. Please ensure that the UPI ID is correct. RummyCircle will not be responsible if you provide incorrect details. Examples of UPI ID: roha78.verma@oksbi, shekhar8739@ibl, 9876543210@ybl
    • You can change your UPI ID on the Withdrawals Page, after verifying your identity by entering the OTP sent to your registered email ID or phone number.
    • If you want to update your UPI ID on RummyCircle, delete the existing UPI ID and then add a new one.
  • How do I provide the Bank Account details for withdrawal? Down Arrow
    • When you place a withdrawal request for the first time, you will be required to provide your Bank A/c Number & IFSC Code. These details will be auto-filled in your subsequent withdrawal requests. Please ensure these details are correct. RummyCircle will not be responsible if you provide incorrect details.
    • You can change your Bank A/c Details on the Withdrawals Page, after verifying your identity by entering the OTP sent to your registered email ID or phone number.
    • Your name on the Bank Account should be the same as on the KYC document submitted to RummyCircle during KYC Verification. RummyCircle will not be responsible if the player's bank rejects the withdrawal in case of a name mismatch.
  • How can I view my Deposit and Withdrawable Account balance? Down Arrow

    You can see your Deposit & Withdrawable Account Balance by clicking on the 'RummyCircle App' header section.


  • Once I submit a withdrawal request, how long will it take for me to get my money? Down Arrow

    You have a specified number of instant withdrawals available everyday along with an unlimited number of normal withdrawals. The processing time for a withdrawal is mentioned on the withdrawal page. Please log in to check the withdrawal processing time.

  • What is the maximum amount I can withdraw? Down Arrow

    The maximum amount that can be withdrawn per transaction is defined and you can find the required communication on the main withdrawal page.

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